Erin Moran : New Information Released About Her Death

Steven Fleischmann releases new information about actress Erin Moran, best known for her role in the popular sitcom, “Happy Days”. Authorities found her dead in her home at the age of 56 after receiving a call through 911 for an unresponsive woman.

The beloved Happy Days star, Erin Moran, who is best known for her role as Joanie Cunningham on the hit television show aired by CBS, was found dead in her Indiana, Harrison County home at just 56-years of age. This was quite a shock to her dedicated fans, friends, family, and co-stars, some of which believed that the cause of her death was from her history of drug and alcohol abuse – heroin overdose being cited as the potential culprit. However, this was not the case as the autopsy later revealed. Over a year later, Erin Moran’s husband, Steven Fleischmann revealed more about her death.

The Autopsy Report and Tests Performed on Erin Moran

According to Page Six, a joint statement was provided by Sheriff Rod Seelye and Coroner Gilley after the autopsy report was done and stated that she had “likely” succumbed to the complications of stage four cancer. Standardized toxicology tests were performed due to Erin Moran’s history with drugs and alcohol, but no illegal narcotics were found in the home or in the reports. Unfortunately for those who wanted to know more about her cancer, the autopsy report and joint statement didn’t reveal anything other than that Erin Moran had been struggling with diagnosed cancer.  It wasn’t until her husband, Steven Fleischmann, revealed through a co-star Scott Baio, almost a year later that she had been getting treatment for throat cancer.

Erin Moran and Her Struggle with Throat Cancer

Those who were close to her stated that she was in treatment, undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation treatment avenues but that it was not going well. She had been diagnosed with the throat cancer around Thanksgiving and the chemotherapy was taking a brutal toll on her, according to her friend and fellow actor, Steven Wishnoff. Moran would take several days to recover from the chemotherapy treatment, with the citing reason to be that her physical body was already in a weakened state.


What Steven Fleischmann Revealed to Us

When Steven Fleischmann broke his silence on his wife’s passing, he went into some intimate and personal details about her cancer. According to him, the cancer progressed quickly through her body without the couple’s knowledge. Back in November of 2016, Erin had experienced some unexplained symptoms, including small dime-sized blood stains on her pillow in the mornings. After a few days of experiencing this, her and her husband went into the doctor for a biopsy who initially thought that she may have tonsillitis. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), a rare and aggressive form of cancer. After the diagnosis, Erin went immediately into an aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatment plan that involved her receiving both treatments on a five-day basis.

By the time February came, three months later, Erin was unable to speak, drink, or eat properly and needed to have a feeding tube implanted into her body so that Steven could feed her six to eight times a day. Erin remained relatively happy and active, texting people on her phone all day. By the time the 21st came around, she was having trouble breathing and needed Kleenex, so Steven went to the store and brought some back. When he got back, she was watching television and he laid down beside her and fell asleep. When he awoke, she had passed.

It wasn’t until Steven Fleischmann spoke with the coroner, that he was given an idea of just how badly the cancer had spread. According to the autopsy, the cancer had spread to her spleen, a portion of her brain was infected, and she had a ton of fluid in her lungs. Even if she had been in the hospital with a ton of antibiotics, she still would not have made it any longer than she did. Rather, it was probably best that she passed beside her husband and in her sleep.