SNL On Youtube : 10 Hilarious Skits You Need to Watch!


Although it may be hard to believe, the late-night television variety show, Saturday Night Live (SNL) which premiered back in 1975 on NBC, has been on air for forty-four years. Remarkably, the format of the show has remained entirely the same over the decades-long run that it has had, always starting off with a cold sketch that ends in its iconic catch phrase. The show has always starred a regular cast with a celebrity host, continues to be punctuated by musical performances throughout, and always provides a comedic monologue that is satiric, hilarious, and political in nature. Going above and beyond the laughs, SNL provides a sharp perspective on many of the country’s pressing issues. You can expect anything from digital shorts and fake commercials to musical parodies and game shows, all of which comment on America’s contemporary and pop culture. With this said, let’s take a look at 10 of SNL’s most hilarious skits that are a must-watch!

Target Lady : Classic Peg

In this sketch, Kristen Wiig (Target Lady) and Justin Timberlake (Peg, Target lady’s elderly female friend) describes a series of misadventures. Peg notes that she was “pushin’ a wash machine up a hill” when her sandal gets caught on a decorative yard “prick” which leads her to having to wear a cervical collar. Each new misstep ends up being a “classic Peg”.

Blizzard Man

This is a recurring skit that is played by Andy Samberg, that has him being brought into a recording studio to assist musicians with their songs. Throughout the duration of the skit, the producer speaks highly of Blizzard Man, making bold claims that he is a rap star and has rivals of the likes of Trey Songz. However, the musicians find out that his music ability is a parody of serious rap music which has laughable lyrics and poor vocals. In the original skit, Ludacris is the celebrity guest, needing help with his newest recording.

Elijah the Prophet at Seder

In this insult skit, Elijah (Jerry Seinfeld) shows up at a Jewish family’s Passover and insults their food and how they conduct their Seder.

Herman & Sons Sperm Bank

In this skit, George Herman who is Seth Rogen and Eugene Sons which is Kenan Thompson announce that they are having a “going out of business” sale at the oldest sperm bank in Lansing. Why? They’re turning the space into a TCBY franchise and they need to get rid of their sperm stock to ensure that there is little to no sperm – yogurt crossover.

Shallon: Drug Safety

Seth Rogen, as officer Kellogg, tries to teach an elementary school class to say no to drugs through the D.A.R.E program. However, one student, Shallon (Nasim Pedrad) continuously interrupts him, ultimately making the other students think that doing drugs (like Crack) is a cool thing to do.


In this skit, Andy is teaching his class how to use MySpace. Throughout the skit, the students and several internet predators ask a large variety of questions to showcase that those online may not be who they say they are.

Embarrassing Text Message

In this awkward but hilarious skit, Eli Manning is on trial for a murder but his attorney, who is hell-bent on clearing his name, uses embarrassing text messages and an internet search history to showcase that he was indeed home the night of the murder.

An Awkward Slumber Party

In this skit, Melanie (Aidy Bryant) is at an all girls’ slumber party with her friends, talking about a boy named Kyle, who the rest of the girls are crushing on. When her friend’s father walks in (Drake) she gets mildly aroused and hits on him until he is forced to call her mother (Vanessa Bayer).

Do It on My Twin Bed

In this slightly creepy holiday skit, the SNL cast create a music video about getting down and dirty on their childhood twin beds while at their parents’ home for Christmas. This standout short landed EW’s list of 50 Best TV scenes of the year.

Debbie Downer : Lingerie Party

Although this sketch didn’t make it onto SNL, the network (NBC) did air it eventually as it was only cut out of the programming for time constraint reasons. This five-minute sketch has a group of suburban women enjoying a lingerie party, until Debbie Downer (Rachel Dratch) shows up and talks about crabs and misshapen breasts. One of the woman (Amy Poehler) asks Debbie how she became neurotic and the skit flashes back to Debbie’s childhood birthday parties. In this flashback, Debbie goes on an on about her birthday cake but then her grandmother (Betty White) rains on parade. Despite being cut from SNL, it scored extremely high ratings.